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Keep your heart healthy with diet and exercise

Is your heart at risk? Keep it healthy & stay on track.. now we have landed in Italy, as we had a small interview with one of the world’s best cardiologists; Prof. Alfredo R Galassi; he was very generous to answer our questions.

What’s your best advice for people with heart disease? Healthy diet & exercise? are people at a risk of coronary artery heart disease?

Definitely yes diet and exercise. Unfortunately, as going around the world often I realized that age of patients with coronary artery disease is growing in those countries where diet and exercise is the first thumb rule while in those countries where diet and exercise is not a rule age is much lower. It is very common in these latter countries indeed to find many young patients almost 45 years old overweight heavy smokers with many risk factors and with triple vessel diseases!

What do you advice people with previous stroke & stents?

To keep on taking medications and follow doctors’ advice strictly. Making all effort to maintain diet with weight loss and eat without adding salt and not eating salty food

What motivated you to come to Egypt & share your knowledge with Egyptian physicians?
It is a great event for both number of participants and great quality of update topics for the whole cardiological community around the Mediterranean and more

What is your advice for the Egyptian young physicians?
To work hard especially in catheterization laboratory as they already mostly are involved. Indeed, interventional cardiology will grow exponentially in the near future and they will regret the lost time for not doing that

What is new in your topic this year?
That CTO and complex lesions can be treat by percutaneous angioplasty and new generations stents as efficiently as with bypass surgery with less complications rate and easier hospitalization and faster recovery

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