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Watch out for your family history of cardiovascular diseases!

As we are keen about our reader’s health and their wellbeing, we have been working on interviewing international cardiologists from all over the globe. We have landed in United Arab Emirates, as we had a small interview with one of the Arabian best cardiologists; Prof. Sanjeev K Agarwal; he was very generous to answer our questions.

How to keep children’s heart healthy? And what is your advice to the children with heart deficiency?

Family history of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease has been recognized as an important risk factor for premature coronary artery disease. We need to develop healthy eating habits in our children from early childhood. It becomes difficult to change dietary habits of teenagers and adolescents. Most of current guidelines recommend to do the first lipid profile by the age of 20 years of age. Opportunities for regular exercise through various outdoor games need to be encouraged at schools and home, especially in the current era of 24×7 internet connectivity.

As it’s Women Year in Egypt, what is the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

A woman is the most important central point in any family. A lot of the health of a family is dependent of their knowledge about healthy diets from locally available resources. Focusing on educating women about healthy and therapeutic diets can bring a sea-change in the cardiovascular health of not only women but of whole family and communities. Breast cancer prevention strategies are being run enthusiastically and efficiently in many countries. It will be great to coordinate with them for a developing a preventive program of cardiovascular health. In this way, the neglected area of cardiovascular prevention in women can get an immediate thrust.


Can someone die from a heart valve defect?

Yes, it is possible. It’s a misconception in public that only heart attacks are fatal and valve defects are benign problems. Many of the patients seek medical treatment at a late stage because of this misunderstanding.


What motivated you to come to Egypt & share your knowledge with Egyptian physicians?

CardioAlex is truly an international conference in middle east north Africa region. The conference is being organized and run by the people of this region. There is an international faculty but the emphasis is on the experts from the region. It is our responsibility to be associated and contribute our best for the success of such a meeting.


What is your advice for the Egyptian young physicians?

The practice of clinical medicine has become simpler now with the availability of numerous tools and devices. However, it is expected to be more accurate in making a diagnosis, rational in investigations and treatment, and transparent in all your dealings with patients. Make a judicious use of practice guidelines of any reputed society all the time.


What is new in your topic this year?

I am discussing the role of evidence based use of complementary and alternative therapies in cardiology practice. Only the scientifically proved and published work will be presented. There are huge myths and beliefs, which need to be separated from the facts, for best clinical utility. In addition, I will be presenting our experience of treating the challenging patients of rheumatic heart disease with mitral stenosis. Rheumatic heart disease continues to be a considerable problem in Egypt, like in many parts in Asia and a discussion on it is quite relevant at this meeting.

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