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Women should Take care of their health!

They are catching up with men in cardiovascular disease

Are we safe from cardiovascular diseases?  As a part of our global health research, we interviewed international cardiologists from all over the world. This time, We landed in Lebanon, we had a small interview with one of the Arabian best cardiologists; Prof. Ghassan S.Kiwan; he was very generous to answer our questions.

As it’s Women Year in Egypt, what is the best prevention methods for women’s heart?

Take care of their health

Emphasize prevention and better control of risk factors.

Caution because they are catching up with men in cardiovascular disease

Nobody is protected


What do you advice people with previous stroke & stents?

Once they get stroke or stents double efforts in secondary prevention and listen and follow your doctor recommendation and increase level of compliance to medications and risk factors control


Can a high pulse lead to heart disease?

Yes, a high pulse can lead to heart disease.

One should consult his doctor or cardiologist in such situation to evaluate the cause and manage accordingly


You are coming to Egypt in May, what motivated you to share your knowledge with our Egyptian Physicians?

The good organization and the progressing and upgrading level and quality of international and national speakers as well as the great friendship and common shared Scientific values with the organizers and committee’s members.


What is your advice for the Egyptian young physicians?

Consistency and hard work. Scientific curiosity and discipline and rigor in their daily work and life. Transparency and honesty with a lot of compassion. These are the secrets of succeed and happiness in medicine.


What is new in your topic this year?

Advancement in therapy and highlight on CHF and its management.

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